At times, it is seen that people set a unique password code while backing up data, but eventually forget the same. This leads to numerous unwanted problems when in need of accessing the stored and encrypted data. Though keeping your files and folders password encrypted is safe, but forgetting the same can lead to other unsolvable issues. This is the reason why many people try to backup their iOS devices to iTunes without any password. But, the problem is that, if you are a first time user, iTunes will not allow you to backup your data without making it password protected. This means you ought to create a secret code to keep your data safe and remember it. But, what if you forget it and want to create a new backup without making it password protected? Unfortunately, iTunes will ask you to provide the pass code that you initially used in order to create a second backup. However, there is no need to lose hope as there are ways to solve this problem.



The best way to create a new backup without any password is to restore your phone to the factory mode and try the same. However, make sure to take a backup of everything in some third device before factory resetting your phone. Once a full software reset is complete, iTunes will prompt to select the backup from where you want to restore it. At this point, try to select set up as a new device. In case you are not comfortable enough to reset your phone, you can try to gain your lost password using some third party application or software. This is mainly because there are no other ways to access itunes backup file. If, you are in need of recovering your password, Doasoft iTunes Password Rescuer is the best software to use. Best part about this software is that it supports all the versions of iTunes backup. Moreover, it will never damage your device or make you lose any data. High speed recovery is another specialty of this software. It is supported with multi-core CPU which helps in accelerating the password recovery process.


Once you download and install the software its easy user interface will guide you through the steps. So, follow crucial steps properly to get your problem solved within an wink of an eye. Once you are capable of accessing your iTunes backup try to create a new backup without setting up a password.